Calm and Balance – Qigong

Qigong is a fix part of TCM for thousands of years. It is an old art which unifies breath and movement exercises. The meaning of the word is work or exercise to collect and direct the flow of qi.

A Qigong unit takes an hour and it contains exercises whith enforces the general well-being in the body. in Heidelberg we offer Qigong classes on site as well as in online conference. Our capacity for this is our teacher and therapist Mario Goncalves.

What is Qigong?

According to chinese principles Qigong enriches the Qi of the body, cleans it and optimises its flow. Before every treatment a precise diagnosis has to be found to define the state of being. This is perfectly possible through the Heidelberg Model of Chinese Medicine.

As soon as a precise diagnosis is found the therapy can follow. The recommendation follows the prior definition of the state of being. Often patients have to learn fundamental basic exercises first which serve as preparation to the special exercises.

How does Qigong work?

Qigong is comparable with the exercise of the fingers of a pianist. They are simple understandable and simple to be executed. By practising they get automated and perform in an incredible perfection. Thus a simpel movement is being practised and refined until it is steadfast in the end. The exercise with its healing effect is integrated into the personality and creates a positive inner attitude.

Qigong stretches the inner channels and the trigger-points on them which are as well significant for acupuncture. Target is a balance between all points. By breathing exercises the consciousness reaches out over the entire body and regulate the organ functions throug the central nerve system.

The exercises help to get a free mind and release rigid thought structures. The sight of the TCM is that constant factors can increase the negative emotionality of man and can create diseases. Qigong is a counter force and an own positive feed-back-system. Shortly, man becomes more free.

Where can Qigong help?

Qigong is effective with the typical civilisation and stress disorders as nervosity, unrest, high blood pressure, workaholism, anxiety disorders, pain status, back diseases and functional disorders of all kind. All of these are based on a disequilibrium created by mental or emotional problems causing an inner disturbance.

You are interested to become teacher yourself? We offer a certificate to become a Qigong teacher. Get information here: on the page of DGTCM to take the class for IHK-Qigong -teacher. You can also call at any time and we will be pleased to handle your request.