The Heidelberg Model

Western medicine ist available in Germany with all its possibilities of hightech medicine nd molecular bilogy. A center of medical research is the University Heidelberg Germanys very first excellence university. The best doctors for Chinese Medicine are being educated in Europes first Master of Chinese Medicine study. The master is established according to international standards and is taught in a european network of universities and institutes. To overcome boundaries of treatments there is the concept of the so-called Heidelberg Model. It integrates both forms of medicine in their peak quality.

A precise Diagnosis

The Heidelberger Modell enables a defined diagnosis and a therapy according to a tight treatment plan. After this model the therapist determines the exact “state of being” of the patient and thus is able to influence the regulation processes precisely.

The Heidelberg Model has been developped by Henry Johannes Greten in the 80-ies. Ir is a rational model and is compatible with the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It understands the chinese diagnosis as a vegetative functionality which can be concluded with mathematical stringency. It is proven that the efficacy of acupuncture can be multiplied applying the classical criteria of the Heidelberg Model.

To be able to heal a disease you have to recognise it. This is why the diagnosis is of central significance. The Chinese Medicine builds the diagnoses in quite different aspects as the western medicine. It is based on a scientific model which is very well explicable nowadays.

Have we arisen your interest?

Then have a look at the SWR (Südwest-Rundfunk | Southwest TV) series Tele-Akademie, which has presented a lecture of Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Greten about Integrierte Chinesische Medizin auf Youtube